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By PURPLELEC | 26 June 2023 | 0 Comments

Does the HDMI interface support hot plugging?

  The HDMI interface can bring us great convenience in high-definition playback, as long as one connection, high-quality audio and video signals can be easily transmitted, and its interface design is also very user-friendly, users can easily unplug Plug in without pressing any buttons.
  However, I don't know that you should pay attention to other issues. If it is turned on, the user cannot directly plug in or unplug it, because it is easy to cause the chip of the HDMI interface to burn out. Therefore, when we unplug the HDMI cable, we must not hot-plug it. The display device and high-definition player must be turned off first, so that we can unplug it. Version 1.3 and above have considered the electrostatic protection design, and can actually be hot-swappable, but in actual use, everyone still bears with it, after all, the money is taken out of their own pockets.
HDMI interface
  Short distance wiring is best
  Generally speaking, most home users will place the high-definition player next to the LCD TV. That is to say, we only need a short HDMI cable, and a 1-1.5 meter HDMI cable is very suitable.
  In fact, cables under 5 meters are short-distance transmission, and the selection of HDMI cables is very simple. In principle, the higher the wire diameter, the better the effect of digital transmission. But in fact, at such a short distance, no matter how thick the wire is, the larger the wire number and the smaller the wire diameter, it can be handled.
  Long-distance transmission requires reasonable wire and wiring
  However, in the case of long-distance transmission, the majority of audio-visual users must be very particular about the selection of HDMI cables. In addition to the wire diameter mentioned above, we should pay special attention when choosing wire. Attention should be paid to the production process of HDMI cables, and the shielding effect should also attract special attention. Because the shielding effect of low-grade HDMI cables is only 80-85%, while the shielding efficiency of high-grade cables can reach more than 90%.
  When video and audio data is transmitted at long intervals, the difference between 1080i and 720P signals will not be too great. However, when transmitting 1080p signals, audio-visual users should pay special attention to the quality of the cable when choosing an HDMI cable. If the quality of the wire is not good enough, the display screen may even have red spots, green spots, blue spots and other signals, which are mainly caused by the parasitic capacitance generated by each data line.
  During long-distance transmission, audio-visual users may also choose to place HDMI cables in the wall. Therefore, before wiring, it is necessary to select reasonable materials. Generally, the 28th cable cannot transmit 1080p signals, and at least the 24th HDMI cable is required. Because the wire is too thin, it cannot guarantee the quality of digital transmission even in a short interval. .

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