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By PURPLELEC | 07 December 2023 | 0 Comments

Recommended models of camera live capture cards

  1. AVerMedia GC553
  Reason for recommendation: It has the characteristics of USB3.1, low latency driver-free, 4KHDR, exquisite workmanship, beautiful and practical appearance, powerful functions, clear picture, smooth and stable operation, and high imaging accuracy.
capture card
  2. AVerMedia GC311
  Reason for recommendation: This is a video capture card with high-performance chip, 1080p60, and dual-system driver-free features. The measured capture quality is very good. There is no need to install other software. You can just use OBS. Note that the format must be set to H264. The default M JPEG image quality is slightly poorer.
hdmi capture card
  3. UGREEN CM410
  Brief comment: UGREEN CM410 is quite good. UGREEN CM410 has the characteristics of 4k high-definition output, aluminum alloy material, and high-definition picture quality.
hdmi capture card
  4. ACASIS hdmi capture card
  Brief review: This is a 4k loop game live broadcast ps4/5/switch Douyin camera video conference recording box. It has the advantages of automatic detection, high-definition input, and audio output. It is very compact and the captured video is really good. The key link The effect is 4K.
4k capture card
  5. ACASIS 4k capture card
  Reason for recommendation: It has the characteristics of ultra-low latency and high-definition output. It is also easy to use. The live broadcast picture quality is clear and easy to use!
4k capture card

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