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By PURPLELEC | 22 May 2024 | 0 Comments

The difference between HDMI optical fiber cable and ordinary HDMI cable

  The difference between HDMI optical fiber cable and ordinary HDMI cable is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
  1. Wire core material: HDMI ordinary wires usually use copper cable cores or silver-plated copper wire cores, while HDMI optical fiber wires use optical fiber cores, which are generally divided into glass optical fibers and plastic optical fibers.
  2. Appearance and transmission rate: Due to the different wire cores, the appearance and transmission rate of the two are also quite different. HDMI ordinary cables are usually thicker, heavier, and harder, and the transmission rate may be affected by external electromagnetic interference. The HDMI optical fiber cable is ultra-thin, light-weight, soft, and is not affected by external electromagnetic interference. It can achieve true lossless transmission, has a higher signal-to-noise ratio, and ensures the purity of the sound.
  3. Transmission distance: When transmitting signals over long distances, the advantages of HDMI optical fiber lines are very obvious. It can achieve long-distance lossless signal transmission of more than 200 meters, greatly breaking through the length limit of ordinary HDMI cables.
  4. Price: Due to different materials and processes, the price of HDMI optical fiber cable will be slightly higher than that of ordinary HDMI cable.
  5. Directionality of use: HDMI ordinary cables generally have no directional distinction. Both ends of the cable can be connected to the display end or signal source end at will. There are direction distinctions when using HDMI optical fiber cables. Regular HDMI optical fiber cables have input and output direction marks, so you need to pay attention to the connection direction.
  To sum up, the main difference between HDMI optical fiber cable and HDMI ordinary cable lies in the core material, appearance, transmission rate, transmission distance, price and direction of use. When choosing which line to use, you need to decide based on actual needs and scenarios.
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