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By PURPLELEC | 15 June 2023 | 0 Comments

Key Features of the Elgato HD60 X Capture Card

  Key Features of the Elgato HD60 X Capture Card
  Is the HD60 X something to consider for your tasks and needs? Let’s look at its different features in our Elgato HD60 X Capture Card review and find out.
  Optimised for Console Use
  The HD60X is a compact and streamlined capture card you can use on any console. Its rear HDMI ports keep your setup organised while the audio input is in front for easy access.
  Plug and Play
  Setting up the HD60 X is a breeze and easily connects to your console with the HDMI and USB-C cable. It also sends raw video to your gaming screen and streaming PC.
  Powerful HDR10 Passthrough
  Play games with the HD60 X’s 4K60 HDR10 passthrough or enjoy 1440p120 or 1080p240 frame rates.
  VRR Gameplay
  VRR (Variable Refresh Rates) is one of the advanced technologies for screens and consoles. The HD60 X offers you next-gen gaming without screen tearing or lag.
HD60 X Capture Card
  Control Your Stream
  With the HD60 X, you can control your stream and use your computer setup. Select the best broadcast software for you, then stream high-resolution content.
  Stream from Any System
  Whether you’re using Windows, Mac, a laptop, or a PC, there’s no problem. The HD60 X integrates with your setup seamlessly. Also, you won’t need to subscribe, and there are no limitations.
  Stream with Any Application and Platform Using the Elgato HD60 X Capture Card
  When using streaming apps like Twitch Studio, OBS, Streamlabs, XSplit, Streamyard, etc., select the HD60 X as a source. There’s no need for an additional setup. You can also do this with video communication applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  Aside from applications, you can use this capture card on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and more.
  Automatic Synchronisation for Gameview
  While testing the product for our Elgato HD60 X Capture Card review, we noticed our improved workflow. Thanks to the ultra-low latency technology, the HD60 X can automatically sync your broadcast with your gameplay.
  Ready for Editing in Your Favourite Software
  You can easily export AAF files containing video and audio as separate files for quick editing. Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere are some software you can use.
  Organise Your Archive
  Use Smart Folders with the product to easily find and organise files according to your search criteria.
  Record Directly to Your Hard Drive
  Record high-quality videos with advanced HEVC encoding that retains small file sizes.
  For Content That Shines Bright
  When utilising the card, take advantage and record vibrant colours and deep shadows with the HD60 X’s 1080p60 HDR10 quality.

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