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By PURPLELEC | 27 May 2024 | 0 Comments

How to choose a good game capture card

  The game capture card can capture game footage to a computer, or it can be live broadcast to mainstream media websites through game live broadcast software. A good game capture card can not only capture 1080P high-definition game quality without delay, but also greatly save computer CPU consumption. Compared with ordinary live broadcasts, game live broadcasts have higher requirements for picture quality, and a good game capture card can improve the effect of live broadcasts.
  How to choose a good game capture card?
  1. Is it better to choose a built-in PCIE game capture card or an external USB interface game capture card?
game capture card
  (1) Should you use a desktop computer or a laptop?
  If you use a desktop computer for live broadcast, both types of game capture cards are acceptable;
  If you use a laptop for live streaming, then you should choose a game capture card/box with an external USB interface!
  (2) Do you frequently change the live broadcast location?
  If you have a fixed live broadcast location: it is more convenient to have a built-in PCIE card, which can save space, and the wiring is also relatively hidden and will not cause wire confusion.
  If the live broadcast location is not fixed: you can choose a game capture card/box with an external USB interface, which is highly mobile, compact and portable.
  (3) Computer configuration
  If your computer is a desktop computer with low configuration, it is recommended to use a built-in PCIE game capture card. The PCIE card does not have high requirements on the computer and has low latency. Generally, there is basically no delay in game live broadcast.
  If your computer configuration is relatively high, it is recommended to use an external USB3.0 game capture card.
game capture card
  The USB external capture card is easy to use, no need to install drivers, plug and play, and is very suitable for capturing game video signals output by current mainstream laptops. In this way, there will be no space restrictions, and game collection and live streaming can be carried out no matter where you are.
  The most unbearable delay in live broadcasting is the clear image quality and bright colors. Who wants to watch a live broadcast where your voice and video are out of sync and the image is blurry. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a USB3.0 game capture card - low latency and high resolution.
  2. What kind of game capture card is suitable for game live broadcast and achieves satisfactory live broadcast effect:
  (1) The game capture card supports a video resolution that is large enough to capture
  The resolution of the video signal output by the game device is 1080P/60 frames, so the resolution supported by the equipped game capture card must also be 1080P/60 frames, or even higher, so that the video signal can be collected smoothly. Otherwise, there will be cases where the video image cannot be collected, which is the so-called black screen.
  (2) Game capture cards have better compatibility with capture software
  Not all capture cards support network capture software, and some only support the built-in capture software. Therefore, we should choose common capture software that is compatible with it, such as OBS, Potplayer, VLC, etc., and these software are free.
  (3) The stability of the game capture card is better
  The quality of a capture card has a lot to do with its stability. After buying a capture card, it will break within a few days of use, or the screen will often go black. This greatly affects the player experience. All good capture cards should be able to withstand 24/7 work requirements. Keep the state stable for a long time.

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