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By PURPLELEC | 11 November 2023 | 0 Comments

GigE Vision frame grabber

  The high-end features of the GigE Vision frame grabber ensure 100% frame capture with no frame drops while occupying almost no host CPU processing. The scraper supports link aggregation, block data (payload type: 0x4001) transfer, ROI capture capabilities and comprehensive system I/O. Meets a variety of application needs, from plug-and-play high-performance frame grabbers to fully customized system solutions including acquisition, FPGA image processing, real-time image compression, multi-camera synchronization and complex I/O system control.
  In addition, the capture card is supported by the Gidel ProcVision suite for developing, testing and validating user image processing blocks on the frame grabber FPGA. The suite also includes the Gidel InfiniVision grabber stream, which supports simultaneous acquisition from more than 100 cameras, FPGA-based image compression, and the ability to synchronize all cameras.
frame grabber
  Product Features:
  Fetch from 2 x 10 GigE links
  Supports multiple cameras and link aggregation
  Acquisition bandwidth up to 20Gb/s via 2 SFP+ ports (copper/fiber)
  No dropped frames, CPU-less data offloading via PCIe Gen.3 x8, high-resolution post-processing on the host
  Support ROI
  Supported payload types: 0x0001: uncompressed image data; 0x4001: image + extension block data
  Camera synchronization via hardware triggering or PTP (Precision Time Protocol)
  PCIe x8 Generation 3
  Low power consumption, starting power is less than 12W
  Supported pixel formats: Mono, Bayer, RGBA and RGB
  The infrastructure of a complete vision/imaging system solution, including image processing on FPGA and post-processing on the host
  Intel Arria 10 160 GX FPGA
  Support area and line cameras
  Multiple I/O functions: RS422, optocoupler, LVTTL and 30 V driver/receiver
  Robust ecosystem: ProcVision suite for custom vision pipelines and image processing; image compression IP; tools for efficient development and integration of software and FPGA code
  InfiniVision software for multi-camera acquisition and synchronization
  Supports GenICam’s GenTL API and HalconTM machine vision software

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