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By PURPLELEC | 17 May 2023 | 0 Comments

What are the characteristics of the hard disk box

  Sometimes if there are too many things stored in the computer, it will cause lag, but we also need to use different files in our work. If we delete them, it will have different effects on our work, so we can put some infrequently used or The files that need to be saved are transferred to the outside of the device. The design of the hard disk extraction box is convenient for us to install and remove. It is suitable for use in some small desktop computers, and can be extracted freely. So what are the characteristics of using this extraction box?

  1. Easy to move
  We may need to use it on different devices. If the hard disk is directly fixed on the host, it will be more troublesome to transfer the hard disk. Not only do we need to remove the original bracket first, but also install it back after use. On the one hand, it is easy to cause The damage of the support frame, on the other hand, will cost us a lot of time when moving, and the transfer of the hard disk can be easily realized by using the extraction box.
  2. Strong applicability
  The hard disk extraction box has different interface methods, which can meet the connection requirements of different hosts, no need for converters to adapt to different specifications of the interface, the extraction box can also be used in notebook computers, suitable for hard disk boxes of different capacities, and also Can be reused.
  3. Powerful
  Generally, we need to be careful when using the hard disk, because the interface is relatively fragile, and the long-term plugging and unplugging operation will accelerate the damage of the interface. Using the extraction box can reduce the damage to the hard disk, and can realize the function of hot swapping. The extraction box can also To reduce the impact of external shocks on the hard disk enclosure, we can use it less carefully.
  Compared with the fixed bracket, the hard disk extraction box still has certain advantages. The fixed bracket can provide a support point for the hard disk, but it cannot be moved at will. The use of the extraction box is convenient for us to take the hard disk, and it will not cause damage to the bracket itself. Different interface designs can meet the needs of use. When purchasing products, we must first understand the size of the hard disk, and then match the appropriate extraction box according to the size. if necessary, you can go to the physical store to experience it intuitively.

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