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By PURPLELEC | 09 March 2024 | 0 Comments

Mini PCIe to 4-port SATA3/6G expansion card

  Mini PCIe to 4-port SATA3/6G expansion card extends 4 SATA3.0 interfaces through the Mini PCI-E interface of the PC host. It complies with the Serial ATA specification 3.1. It supports communication rates of 6Gbps, 3.0 Gbps and 1.5 Gbps and is compatible with SATA. 6G, 3G and 1.5G hard drives. This application is suitable for controlling 4 SATA 6Gb/s hard drives through Mini PCIe system.
expansion card
  This expansion card product has hot-swappable and hot-pluggable capabilities, and has power management functions. Supports error reporting, recovery and correction. In addition, it also supports partial and sleep power management states, as well as support for Gen 1i, Gen 1x, Gen 2i, Gen 2m, Gen 2x and Gen 3i, and supports native command queue (NCQ). NCQ technology can ensure that under high load Hard drive performance and stability.
  This expansion card uses JMB575 controller chip to provide support for four-port SATA expansion cards connected to the PCIe interface. It has programmable high-speed PHY, which can provide high signal quality and reliability while ensuring video data security. It is equipped with 4 standard SATA3.0 interfaces, which can be connected to 4 SATA devices at the same time. It is compatible with SATA6G, 3G and 1.5G hard drives, and supports communication rates of 6Gbps, 3.0Gbps and 1.5Gbps.

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