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By PURPLELEC | 06 December 2023 | 0 Comments

What is a high-speed data acquisition card?

  The data acquisition card is a circuit board that converts sensor analog or digital voltage analog signals into digital signals and transmits the digital signals to the computer. Regardless of high-speed data acquisition or low-speed data acquisition, Nyquist sampling theorem is followed.
  High Speed Data Acquisition Card is relative to low-speed data acquisition card. Simply put, it is a data acquisition card with higher sampling frequency/sampling rate; because the sampling frequency of high-speed data acquisition card is close to that of some instruments. operating frequency, so it is also classified as an instrument, called a digitizer.
data acquisition card
  In different fields, the definition of high-speed data acquisition cards is different. For example, in the field of mechanical vibration, 1MS/s sampling rate can be regarded as high-speed data acquisition; while in the field of radar signal processing, 1GS/s may be classified as high-speed data. Collection category. Generally speaking, sampling rates above 10MS/s can be called high-speed data acquisition cards.
  At present, high-speed data acquisition cards in the form of board cards in the industry have high sampling frequencies, such as 7GS/s, 8GGS/s, 10GS/s or 12.5GS/s.
  A typical high-speed data acquisition card generally consists of the following parts: AFE/FEA, AD, FPGA, clock, DDR memory, bus interface and other elements.
  High-speed data acquisition card bus interface forms generally include: PCI Express, compactPCI, PXI, PXI Express, VPX, USB, etc.
  When selecting a high-speed data acquisition card, the following indicators are generally evaluated: sampling rate, accuracy, channel, bus interface, bandwidth, input range, coupling method, whether the FPGA resources are open, etc.
  The application fields of high-speed data acquisition cards generally include: laser, communications, radar, ultrasound, large-scale physics, electronic countermeasures and other digital signal processing fields.

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