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By PURPLELEC | 06 December 2023 | 0 Comments

How to choose a data acquisition card?

  The three basic indicators for selecting a data acquisition card are: number of channels, sampling rate and resolution.
  The key to selection is to see what you are using the data acquisition card for. Never choose a data acquisition card blindly. Because different data acquisition cards are used in different places, you must first determine your purpose. Only when you know the purpose can you make a better selection. After the purpose is determined, search for the corresponding matching data acquisition card to see if its parameters suit your needs. Compare different models of acquisition cards so that you can select the one that is more suitable for you.
data acquisition card
  The application of data acquisition board is closely related to these keywords: USB acquisition USB high-speed acquisition USB synchronous acquisition multi-channel acquisition USB data acquisition board USB data acquisition card USB data collector acceleration sensor field data acquisition portable collector 16-bit ADUSB2.0 acquisition USB2. 0 interface collector acquisition board portable instrument acceleration acquisition vibration acquisition vibration analysis waveform recording waveform analysis explosion analysis seismic analysis gas explosion oil pollution analysis ultraviolet oil pollution detection.
  Take the USB interface high-precision data acquisition card as an example. Its product is a 16-bit high-precision USB2.0 interface acquisition card. The model number is DTE3216, which means that the resolution of the A/D converter of this type of acquisition card is 16bit, and the data transmission is through USB. The interface is suitable for portable instruments and high-precision real-time collection. If you need to collect high-speed analog signals, you can choose the DTE0820 multi-channel synchronous acquisition board, 8 channels, 20MHz sampling rate.

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