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By PURPLELEC | 12 December 2023 | 0 Comments

Reasons why video capture card image freezes

  Capture cards often encounter video freezes when using them. Most people are caused by several reasons.
  1. Computer configuration is too low
  Whether the capture card is recording or live broadcasting, it needs to be implemented through a computer. When recording or live broadcasting software is used for encoding on the computer, the computer's hardware resources will be used. If your computer configuration is not high enough, it will cause this kind of lagging effect. Or the computer configuration is barely acceptable, but performing multiple tasks at the same time will consume too much computer resources, resulting in poor video encoding capabilities and resulting video freezes.
  2. Software setting frame rate is too low
  First of all, we should know what makes a video. Video generally refers to various technologies that capture, record, process, store, transmit and reproduce a series of static images in the form of electrical signals. When the continuous image changes exceed 24 frames per second, according to the principle of persistence of vision, the human eye cannot distinguish a single static image; it looks like a smooth and continuous visual effect, and such continuous images are called videos.
  Therefore, when setting the video frame rate, do not set it lower than 24 frames. Generally, it can be set to 30-60. If the frame rate is lower than 24 frames, you will feel the effect of screen lag. There are also different software with different encoding capabilities for videos. So set the frame rate and the processing power of the software to test it yourself.
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  3. The video source itself is lagging
  Another reason why video freezes is related to the video source device itself. If it is a playback box, if it is playing 4k/60 frame video. If the decoding ability of the playback box is not good, the video playback will be stuck, and the video signal obtained by the video capture card will definitely be stuck. Therefore, in this case, you need to connect the video source to a monitor or TV to see if it can output a normal image. If it cannot output a normal image, it is a problem with the video device. If it can output a normal image, then find other reasons for the screen freeze.
  4. The video cable is too long
  Another situation that causes abnormal screen display is wire problems. Now it is best to choose high-quality and reliable wires. Poor quality cables are likely to cause abnormal screen display, especially if the amount of digital signal transmission is large.

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