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By PURPLELEC | 01 July 2024 | 0 Comments

How to solve the problem that the computer cannot recognize the capture card in WIN7 system?

  The built-in video capture card (PCI capture card PCI-E capture card) needs to be installed on the desktop motherboard. Sometimes the computer cannot recognize the video capture card, mainly because it is not installed or the video capture card driver causes the operating system to fail to recognize it. How to solve the problem in WIN7 operating system?
built-in video capture card
  1. Reinstall the video capture card
  Step 1: Close the program, cut off the power, open the chassis motherboard, and unplug the video capture card
  Step 2: Clean the video capture card gold finger and re-insert the video capture card into the motherboard (change the slot to insert)
  Step 3: Check whether the system has found the video capture card
  2. Manually add the video capture card
  Please follow Steps to operate
  The first step is to select Start → Settings → Control Panel and double-click the Control Panel window to add a new hardware item
  The second step is to enter the Add New Hardware system. If the system pops up options such as Self-Detection and Configuration of New Hardware, please select No and click the Next button. Windows lists the selected hardware devices to install
  The third step is to select the Sound and Video Game Controller options for the Hardware Type and click the Next button to enter the path selection interface
  The fourth step is to click the Disk Installation button and select the driver path to install the video capture card driver
  3. Update the driver
  Reinstall the latest video capture card driver or call the video capture card manufacturer for a solution.

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