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By PURPLELEC | 24 May 2024 | 0 Comments

AV/S-Video to VGA converter

  AV/S-Video to VGA converter can convert AV signals and S-Video signals into VGA signals. S-Video to VGA supports simultaneous computer/TV display and supports conversion resolutions from the lowest 800*600p to the highest 1920*1200p; supports point-to-point technology, clear image. Converter 1802 is suitable for connecting surveillance cameras to VGA monitors.
AV/S-Video to VGA converter
  01.1 AV input port, 1 S-Video input port, 1 VGA input port
  02.1 VGA output ports
  03.VGA input and output support resolutions: 800*600/60/75, 1024*768/60/75Hz, 1366*768/60, 1280*1024/60/75, 1400*1050/60, 1440*900/60Hz ,1600*1200/60,1680*1050/60,1920*1080/60,1920*l200/60Hz
  04.Support computer/AV/S-Video input
  05. Support global TV video standards: NTSC (Taiwan, United States), NTSC-EIAJ (Japan), PAL (Europe, China), PAL-M (Brazil), PAL-N (Uruguay, Paraguay), etc.

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