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By PURPLELEC | 14 October 2023 | 0 Comments

A must-have tool for live streaming, Purplelec 4k video capture card

  Reason for buying: Recently, I have started to study the knowledge of live streaming due to work reasons. During this period, I also encountered many problems, such as not being able to use live broadcast tools, live broadcast screen freezes, poor image quality, etc. Later I found that a video capture card can solve many problems.
  Appearance design: Boxy shell, deep space gray color and metal body. A line designed in the middle can show the working status light of the machine. It is full of technology everywhere. It’s the same color as the Apple laptop, and the geeky combination looks great.
  Usage experience: Using the video capture card of Purplelec for live broadcast can reduce the CPU usage and the burden on the graphics card. For example, if you are doing a game live broadcast, it is recommended that you use a video capture card and then use a dual-machine mode, one game and one live broadcast. The two machines are synchronized without interfering with each other. Especially when playing fighting games such as FPS or DNF, the game screen is guaranteed to be smooth. It is smooth and does not drop frames, and there will be no operational errors due to delays, which is a great advantage for game anchors. And it's very compact and doesn't take up much space on your desk.
video capture card
  As someone who needs to shoot videos frequently, a capture card is definitely indispensable. This thing was originally very niche, but due to the popularity of game live broadcasts, more and more people have begun to come into contact with capture cards. For live streaming, one machine is used for streaming, and the other machine is used for playing games, so that the game will not be stuck due to live broadcasting. The bridge in the middle is the capture card. Purplelec video capture card is small in size and the live broadcast effect is very good. It is highly recommended to buy a productivity tool that costs less than a thousand yuan.

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