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By PURPLELEC | 12 May 2023 | 0 Comments

What are the advantages of HDMI4K video capture card

  With the increasing demand for high-definition video in the market, traditional 2K video has been gradually replaced by 4K video, but the data information contained in 4K video will be larger than that of 2K video. What are the main advantages of the HDMI 4K video capture card core?
  1. The advantage of higher real-time screen
  In the process of 4K video transmission, there are often higher requirements for network bandwidth, and in the case of insufficient network bandwidth, it is very difficult to maintain the real-time performance of high-definition video images. However, the Hdmi 4K video capture card can further strengthen the decoding of data with the help of high-performance video codecs, so that the real-time performance of the picture can be greatly improved.

  2. Advantages of reducing network storage space
  Under normal circumstances, 4K video often needs to occupy a large amount of network storage space when it is transmitted, but this will have a great impact on the fluency of the entire system. The video capture card chip solution can use low-bit-rate encoding technology to reduce the storage space requirements during 4K video transmission, which will bring great help to effectively improve the performance of the entire system.
  3. Advantages of Improving Network Security
  The Hdmi 4K video capture card will integrate encryption and decryption hardware engines such as DES and 3DED. This encryption and decryption method cannot be verified by ordinary viruses at all, and can effectively improve the security performance of 4K video data in network transmission. It is also a very reliable network security guarantee method for customers with high data and information confidentiality requirements.
  The continuous popularization of Internet technology has made human beings enter an era of information explosion, and more demand for high-definition video data has also made 4K video enter all walks of life, and Hdmi 4K video capture card can support this high-definition video Transmission brings many practical benefits, helping customers with high video requirements to achieve high-level video transmission requirements.

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