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By PURPLELEC | 16 October 2023 | 0 Comments

Magewell XI100DE-HDMI-4K ultra-high definition video capture card parameters

  Magewell XI100DE-HDMI-4K ultra-high definition video capture card parameters
  Interface Type
  Host interface: PCI-Express x4, Half-length, 700MB/s transmission bandwidth
  Input format
  HDMI input format: Complies with HDMI 1.4a standard, supports 4096×2160@30fps 8-bit
  input interface
  2 HDMI interfaces
  2 onboard expansion interfaces, connected to the HDMI interface through cables
  HDMI video input: 4 channels of 4Kx2K HDMI ultra-high definition video signals (4 cuts 1)
  HDMI audio input: 4 channels of LPCM audio signals (4 cuts to 1)
  Output format
  40×30-4096×2160, frame rate: 1-100fps
4k video capture card
  Supports the latest HDMI 1.4a standard and 4K ultra-high definition resolution. 4K resolution is an emerging resolution standard for digital movies and digital content, with a horizontal resolution of approximately 4000 pixels. 4K can provide at least a display quality of nearly 10 million pixels, and the display fineness is 4 times that of full HD. At this resolution, viewers will be able to see every detail in the picture, every close-up, the video will be colorful, and the text will be clear and sharp. 4k TV will undoubtedly become a development direction of future TV.
  Consumer awareness of 3D TVs is gradually increasing, 3D technology has been improved and improved, and prices have become increasingly affordable. 3D TV sales will continue to rise, and 3D functions will become standard features of mainstream mid- to high-end color TVs. XI100DE-HDMI-4K supports the latest HDMI 1.4a standard and 3D format to create three-dimensional imaging products. Allowing you to enjoy a different 3D experience at home.
  Provides the highest quality HDMI input, has an adaptive equalizer, and supports HDMI input cables up to 30 meters, fully meeting the needs of users in specific environments. Provides 4 channels of HDMI input, 2 channels are introduced through the baffle, and 2 channels are on-board interfaces that can be externally connected to the front end of the chassis. One of them can be selected as the current acquisition interface for user convenience.
  The color adjustment function can adjust the contrast, brightness, color saturation, hue, and Gamma of the picture; it can also adjust the brightness and contrast of R, G, and B colors independently; it provides a motion-adaptive deinterlacing effect, and the moving picture will not drag. The tail phenomenon makes the moving picture clearer.
  Real-time high-quality collection can obtain full-resolution ultra-high-definition uncompressed video collection, ensuring that ultra-high-definition programs generated from ultra-high-definition material output fully retain the original image quality. True mirror capture, compressed video without any loss or reduction in image quality, and the restored colors are more high-definition and lifelike. With high-quality materials, your creativity can be unleashed.
  High-speed PCI-Express×4 interface, reaching 600-800MB/s transmission bandwidth, and using high-speed and large-capacity image caching technology to easily achieve higher transmission rates and quality; color space conversion, picture inversion, scaling and deinterlacing of images, etc. The processing is completed within the FPGA, which greatly reduces the burden on the CPU. The high-efficiency DMA transmission method further liberates the CPU's capabilities, allowing the CPU to focus on user-specified work.
  Using the standard AV Stream driver, it is compatible with various audio and video capture software using the DirectShow interface and audio capture software using the DirectSound interface. You do not need secondary development, such as: Windows Media Encoder; Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder; Real Producer Plus; VideoLAN for Windows.
  With the Simultaneous Streaming function, you can use multiple applications to collect a single signal source at the same time, and each channel will not reduce the frame rate and affect work efficiency.
  All chips and capacitor components use imported high-quality components and adopt an 8-layer board design. The signal quality is better than similar products. It can easily work at full load for a long time and can work continuously 24h x7 without interruption.
  The Magewell dedicated video processing engine is highly flexible. You can use firmware and driver upgrades to upgrade the Magewell video processing engine without changing the hardware. You can also achieve the same hardware upgrade effect without changing the chip. , greatly reducing maintenance costs and enjoying perfect service.

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