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How To Connect Your Notebook To TV/Projector With VGA Cable? Date: 2021-03-27 / Written by: PURPLELEC / Read: 103

f you have a notebook equipped with VGA port, you can connect your notebook to TV or projector with VGA cable. And then you will have two displays. By adjusting your computer’s settings on Control Panel, you can extend your desktop with spilt screen presentation (Extend mode), or you can sync images with two displays (Mirror mode). Under Extend mode, you can watch movies on TV and browse web pages on your notebook at the same time. Under Mirror mode, connecting your notebook to your TV allows you to watch movies, play games and browse web pages on a larger screen, giving you a better visual experience.


How to Connect Your Notebook to TV/Projector with VGA Cable? Here are some methods to solve it. Please select the best connection solutions according to different port types on your computer and TV.


As for notebook, TV and projector with VGA port, you need:

A VGA cable and a  3.5mm to 2RCA audio cable for TV with 2RCA audio port; Or a  VGA cable with audio output for one-stop solution.


Detailed description of connecting notebook to TV/projector with VGA cable:

According to different port types on your computer and TV:

1. You have a computer with only one VGA port such as some onboard graphics cards.

You can plug one end of the VGA cable to the VGA port on TV and the other end to the VGA port on your computer. Plug and play, no need drive installation and settings.

2. You have a computer with DVI/HDMI or DVI/DVI ports.

Software Settings:

Software settings of computer with dual ports:

In this case, the computer has two displays, one is the TV, and the other is the original monitor. You can display the different images on two screens under Extend mode or the same images on two screens under Mirror mode.

How do I output audio when notebook is connected to TV/projector with VGA cable?

The headphone jack located at left lower of VGA port is for output computer sound. This jack is usually marked with “PC Input” or “Computer Audio Output”. Audio interfaces on some TVs are RCA jack which are very common on TV. Just like types shown in the picture below. In general, red jack is the right channel and white jack is the left channel.


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