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Good Idea if You Need Convert Fire TV Stick To VGA Date: 2021-03-27 / Written by: PURPLELEC / Read: 104

TV sticks have met with a favourable reception in the global market because of its great function as well as its small dimension. In this case, HDMI to VGA TV stick Adapter is what we need for its solution for a high-performance audio and video experience.


This adapter is designed because we have the requirements. Yes, when we have a TV without HDMI port but we need to plug a TV stick into it to get the TV stick working, how could we solve this? What's worse, our old projector or laptop only takes VGA port...


Obviously, it is the HAMI to VGA adapter that can do us a favour.



With black color and stylish design, this adapter looks very high-end. Of course, it is also as tiny as other adapters. Apart from the HDMI port and VGA port, there are also two ports on the back. One is used to provide optional power while the other is design for audio cable.


Resolution is what users pay attention to. 1080P high resolution can be achieved by this adapter. Well, some problems like unclear images may encounter when the original resolution does not match with your devices. Reduce the input resolution or there are some other methods you can adopt.


Plug and play feature makes it easy for us to connect devices. But we need to know that it only permits transferring HDMI digital signal to analogue VGA.


When it comes to the operation, we can regard it as a piece of cake. We just need to recognize the male and female ports of the adapter and devices you need to connect. This is originally designed for tv stick, so let us take tv stick as an example.



We just need to plug the HDMI and VGA ports separately to the tv stick and display devices. If you need additional power or connect your speaker, there are two separate ports to achieve these functions. Then everything is done and you can enjoy the films!


If you use the tv stick, this will be a good choice. Of course, if you have a laptop or devices with an HDMI port, this adapter will also be great with a male to male HDMI cable connecting both.  

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