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After several years of development, HDMI Conventer industry is continuing to mature. In the face of many brands of HDMI Conventer, what details should consumers pay attention to when buying? How should they choose their desired HDMI Conventers?


Check the HDMI Conventer Version

The HDMI 1.4 version cable is the mainstream at the present stage. It perfect support s resolutions up to 4K and 3D content. Although many brands have launched HDMI 2.0 cable, but the HDMI 1.4 cable is enough to meet most of the consumer's family entertainment needs. It is worth noting that there are some HDMI Conventers of 1.3 or even lower version sold on market, and consumers should pay attention when purchasing.


4K gold plated high definition

Ultra HD 3D content

Environmental protection material


Check your HDMI port type

Check your HDMI port type on your TV or display device before buying the HDMI Conventer. The width of standard HDMI port is 15mm, Mini HDMI port is 10.5mm, and Micro HDMI port is 6mm. 



HDMI port

Mini HDMI port

Micro HDMI port

Width: 15mm

Width: 10.5mm

Width: 6mm

Height: 5mm

Height: 2.5mm

Height: 2.3mm



Buy the HDMI Conventer according to the length of the actual requirement

You should select the right length of the HDMI Conventer when purchasing. It is best to measure the length needed so as not to waste the length of the HDMI Conventer.


TMDS core technology  Super signal transmission

Supports Long-distance Transmission without picture distortion

Differential signal for less electromagnetic interference and fast signal transmission

Reduce 20% signal loss rate

Enhance 30% image quality

Up to 10.2Gbps transmission rate


Do not choose thin HDMI Conventer:

Do not choose those thin HDMI Conventers regardless of the brand. The material of the conductor and the thickness of the shielding layer are very important to the signal quality. The conductor and the shielding layer of thin cables must be at a discount greatly. HDMI Conventer has four kinds of common wire gauge 22AWG, 24AWG, 26AWG and 28AWG, which means that the bigger the number, the thinner the wire core and the shorter transmission distance.  portable HDMI Conventer adopts 32AWG wire core and aluminum foil shielding that ensure high performance signal transmission.

Quality comes from details

For better long distance transmission, different length requires different wire gauge

1.5-8m: 28AWG OD: 7.3

9-15m: 26AWG OD: 8.5

20m: 24AWG OD: 10.0

Purchase HDMI Conventer with pure copper conductor

HDMI wire core material plays a decisive role in the cable performance. Those HDMI Conventers that adopt copper clad steel or copper clad aluminum conductor have high resistance and obvious signal attenuation in the course of signal transmission, especially in long distance transmission. While HDMI Conventers adopting pure copper conductor can support ultra long distance transmission and ensure signal stability at the same time.  30 meters HDMI Conventer with pure copper can guarantee the signal not to attenuate and support 1080P HD resolution.


Purchase the HDMI Conventer with gold plated connectors

Now, the HDMI Conventers with better quality on the market adopt 24K gold-plated connectors, which can effectively solve connector loose contacts problems after repeated plugging and unplugging, so as to avoid signal loss and ensure picture effect

Choose brand HDMI Conventer and you not worry too much about the details.

If you think it is difficult to judge the advantages and disadvantages of HDMI Conventer by yourself, the easiest way is to choose the mainstream brand HDMI Conventer.

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