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Video Capture Card

  • 4 Channel PCIe Hdmi Capture Card
  • 4 Channel PCIe Hdmi Capture Card
4 Channel PCIe Hdmi Capture Card
Resolution:Up to 1920*1080P@60fps

Product details:
Name:4-channel HDMI Built-in Video Capture Card
Model: HDMI*4
Host interface: PCI-Express *4
Input interface:HDMI*4
Input format:HDMI 1.4
Resolution rate:Up to 1920*1080P@60fps
Size: 3.39*3.94in

4-channel HDMI video signal input and acquisition
Support 1080p input video signal (compatible with resolution below 1080p) PCI 2.0 x 4 20 GB / s transmission bandwidth
DirectSound compatible with audio acquisition, PCM 48K stereo
The video processing is completed by the capture card and does not occupy the CPU of the host computer
Automatically determine the input video format and inform you to input video format
Support one machine using multiple cards, dynamic setting channel number
Support Windows operating system : Windows XP/7/8.1/10(32bit/64bit)

Installation steps:
1.Insert the PCIE capture card into the PCIE-X4 Gen2 slot of your PC (compatible with the interface above PCIE-X4)
2. Connect the signal source (HDMI interface device) to the interface of the PCI acquisition card, and the capture card can connect four HDMI interface devices at the same time
3. Start the computer, when you use the PCIe, you need to install the PCIe capture card driver

Package include:
1* 4-Channel HDMI Built-in Video Capture Card
1*User manual

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